Message from Dr. Ben Martindale

    Since early December, district personnel and select members of the appointed governing boards and the broader community have been working together to lay the foundation for a five-year strategic plan.   In order to develop a thoughtful, student-centered, strategic plan for the district, we must first undergo a financial reorganization in order to ensure the District can continue to operate.  This financial reorganization process will include evaluating the capacity and cost of each building, understanding the special services and support necessary to adequately address students’ needs, and reviewing and incorporating operational cost containment measures into long-term projections.

    This analysis will be followed by the creation of a unified mission/vision and the development of an operational plan for the district.  During the planning process, many complicated issues will be considered which will, most definitely, change the future operating structure of the district and its schools.

    I appreciate your support and hope that we all will work together to provide the children of North Chicago with the educational experience they deserve.


    Dr. Ben Martindale
    Chief Education Officer

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