The Leadership Role of Parents in School

    IMG_0355On Saturday, March 14th, 31 parents participated in the district’s first Parent Connection Session entitled, “The Leadership Role of Parent in Schools”. The session began at 8:30am with a Continental Breakfast followed by a three and a half hour workshop offered in both English and Spanish. During breakfast, parents were given an opportunity to connect through group icebreakers and talk with workshop facilitators, Derek Brewer and David Galarza, to share their perspectives about student performance in the district.

    Through a series of discussions and group exercises, parents were challenged to:

    1. Explore the relationship between confidence level and student achievement
    2. See how all problems can be solved with the proper strategies
    3. Recognize the relationship between having high expectations for their student and student success
    4. Understand the importance of soliciting feedback

    Parents were shown that the higher the goal, the more support one needs and that success leads to higher confidence levels. They were encouraged to “refresh” their memory by recalling past successes.

    Throughout the workshop, parents had an opportunity to take on a leadership role by becoming a spokesperson for their group. For some, this was a call to step outside of their comfort zone. It was wonderful seeing other parents support those who took on this role!

    While parents were learning and growing in their understanding of the leadership role they play in their child’s academic success, their children were being cared for by district staff and NCCHS Student Volunteers. Children also received a continental breakfast that incorporated fresh fruit, juice and donut holes. A variety of healthy snacks were also provided to keep them energized throughout the morning. In an effort to insure our students were well engaged, the district, through use of Title I funds, provided board games and art supplies. Art work was posted in the hallway for parents to view when signing out their child at the end of the workshop. Student creativity was impressive!

    Parents were asked to complete a survey about their experience. Feedback received was overwhelmingly positive!  Most gave the Parent Connection Session and facilitators high rankings, and many shared that they would like to see more parent workshops like this one in the future.

    The district would like to thank parents who attended for their support, participation, and feedback. Each is needed to plan events that will help move the district toward excellence. The district would also like to thank the following partner and local businesses for donations made toward the parent raffle and student breakfast:

    Dunkin Donuts, 22nd Street, North Chicago

    Chipotle Grill, Fountain Square, Waukegan

    Emily’s, Green Bay Road, Waukegan

    Jewel-Osco, Green Bay Road, Waukegan

    JN Mini-Mart, Lewis Avenue, Waukegan

    North Chicago Community Partners

    Starbucks, Fountain Square, Waukegan

    Sweet Tomatoes, Fountain Square, Waukegan


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