A. J. Katzenmaier on NBC!

    nbcnewslogo-bigA.J. Katzenmaier will be on NBC’s (channel 5) Chi-Town Rising at 11:00 pm New Year’s Eve thanks to a rising star, United States Marine, Corporal Jesus Montoya. Corporal Montoya will be honored at this time and will talk about volunteering in the local community. He will be discussing the Marines and their volunteer opportunity with AJK and what AJK offers its students. Since October 19, 2015, United States Marines, Third Civil Affairs Group, has partnered with and chosen AJK as the recipients to their Adopt a School Program and great things have been happening ever since! So, be sure to tune your televisions to Channel 5 on December 31st at 11 pm and join the hundreds of thousands in recognizing A.J. Katzenmaier and their unique partnership with our United States Marines.

    What is Chi-Town Rising?

    Chi-Town Rising is a new tradition for celebrating New Year’s in Chicago, featuring a lineup of great celebrity and musical guests, an epic countdown featuring a gigantic Chicago Star rising into the night sky, and a dazzling fireworks display at Midnight. Chi-Town Rising differentiates their celebration from the countless “ball drops” that occur around the world. Chicagoans don’t drop the ball, they rise to meet the challenges and opportunities of the New Year head-on. Chi-Town Rising will feature a Chicago Star rising to meet the New Year. The ascending star symbolizes the city’s rich history of rising in the face of adversity, and is meant to be a beacon, encouraging everyone to “rise” and meet the opportunities of the New Year.

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