Green Bay Early Childhood Center – Winter Festival

    On Thursday, February 16, the North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) and the Green Bay Early Childhood Center (GBECC) hosted Winter Festival for GBECC students and their families. In celebration of all things “February” the three themes for the evening were Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and Winter and, through a variety of hands-on activities, students and families immersed themselves into all three.  Students had the opportunity to learn about famous black inventors and practice their craft. They learned about African American culture and heard stories from a local storyteller. Guests built edible snowmen, played in man-made snow and tossed snowballs into buckets. And, they learned about patterns and colors using conversation hearts and created a collective work of art to display the meaning of love. Families were able to enjoy dinner throughout the night and one eligible guest was the lucky winner of a raffle prize!

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