October 2019 – Principal Appreciation Month

    It’s National Principals’ Month –  Celebrate D187’s Great Principals!

    October is National Principals’ Month and I can think of no better principals to celebrate than the six amazing people leading D187’s schools:

    • Nicole Johnson, Green Bay Early Childhood Center
    • Ana Fuhrer, Alexander Elementary School
    • Inez Mitchell, Forrestal Elementary School
    • Michael Grenda, A.J. Katzenmaier Academy
    • Wayne Williams, Neal Math and Science Academy
    • Lilith Werner, North Chicago Community High School

    None of the transformational work the district is doing to support our young people would be possible without our incredible principals!  Where we are successful with students, it is because of the supportive and systematic work of our principals.

    Simply put, without great principals, we can’t have great schools.  Their leadership is critical to the success of our schools.

    Three of our principals are new to the district, three are career D187 educators.  All have led multiple schools, and all are incredibly committed to the students they serve every day.

    While D187’s principals make it look easy, their jobs are anything but!  They wear many hats…

    • Chief Student Advocate
    • Chief Executive Officer of a large and very complex organization
    • Chief Financial Officer, managing all aspects of the school’s budget
    • Instructional leader
    • Parent and community liaison
    • Coach and champion for teachers and staff

    And they pivot among these many roles while working to develop relationships with students, families and educators and responding to the million and one things that happen in a dynamic school environment every single day.

    D187’s principals are phenomenal!  Each brings tremendous knowledge, expertise and experience to their work and they are all driven by a personal mission to serve and deep commitment to the success of every student.

    As a district, we are working to make thoughtful, strategic, transformational changes that are reimagining the district and student learning.  This is what it will take to address racial inequities and end the predictability of race in achievement – every day, with every student.  Without our outstanding principals, none of this would be possible.

    Please join me in thanking and celebrating this terrific group of D187 leaders!

    We’re on a mission together! Thanks for joining D187 as we strive to empower each child to write their own story of success, and to prepare each child, academically and socially, to pursue and realize their unique purpose.

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