Our Vision


    The English Language Learner Services of North Chicago CUSD 187 is designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in English and achieve post-secondary success while valuing and celebrating every student’s culture and language in partnership with family and community.

    Students are nurtured and motivated to be multilingual, globally successful, culturally diverse, and independent thinkers.


    Belief Statements:

    Our Students the Central Focus
    We believe that a successful, student centered English Language Learners program values every student’s culture and language.

    Expecting Nothing Less than the Best
    We believe that high expectations for all English Language Learners are critical to individual success in the classroom and beyond.

    A Clear Definition and Consistency Throughout
    We believe a successful English Language Learners program is one that is clearly defined and consistently implemented.

    We believe that student progress in an English Language Learners program requires an on-going system of meaningful assessments that drive instruction.

    We believe that communication to parents in their native language is a key factor for the success of our English Language Learners program.

    Planting Seeds of Collaboration
    We believe that parents and community share in the partnership of educating the students in a successful English Language Learners program.

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