Screening Process and Identification

    There is a 3-step process in District 187.

    First, the HLS (home language survey) must be completed by the parent at registration. This is a legal document and it must be dated and signed by the parent or legal guardian. Otherwise, it is not valid.

    Second, the parent must answer “yes” to either one or both questions on the HLS:

    • Does the student speak another language other than English?
    • Is there another language spoken in the home?

    Third, a certified teacher must give the language screener (Pre-IPT, WIDA Model, or WIDA-WAPT) with 30 days (before school begins or within 14 days once school starts) that will ultimately determine whether or not the student is eligible to receive language support services.

    Withdrawal from Program

    In North Chicago, we support student learning, but we recognize that parents have the right to refuse services from The Department of Bilingual Education. As a parent or custodian of an English language learner (ELL), you have the right to:

    • Refuse TBE/TPI services before services begin
    • Withdraw your child from the program even if the students has a score less than 5.0 composite, 4.2 reading, and 4.2 writing on the WIDA ACCESS.  This action requires the a consultation with the director and signature of verification.
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