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    [box type=”tick”]SchulerProgram College Counseling – As a Schuler Program selected school district Schuler College Counselors and program staff provide extensive college counseling services to scholars and their families.  [/box]
    In an effort to expose scholars and parents to selective colleges, scholars tour colleges starting the beginning of their sophomore year and will visit roughly 20 institutions before their senior year. In addition, during the summer after  sophomore year, every scholar is required to attend a 2-4 week summer college program. Schuler College Counselors meet regularly with each scholar and family to discuss schools that best match the scholar’s interests and academic ability. Scholars enroll in an 8 week ACT/SAT test prep course and participate in after-school college counseling courses culminating in a three day “College Admissions Boot Camp” that takes place over the summer after junior year.  The College Counseling staff also facilitates sessions on the financial aid process and the transition to university life.

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