Uniform Policy

    To raise the standard of student appearance, behavior and performance, the following mandatory school uniform policy is in effect at all North Chicago schools:

    Pre-K Schools: No Uniform.
    K-3 Schools: Solid blue or dark blue bottom garments, white or light blue tops.
    4-5 Schools: Solid blue or dark blue bottom garments, white or light blue tops.
    Middle schools: Solid dark blue bottom garments, solid white or red tops.
    High Schools: Solid dark blue or black bottom garments with solid white tops.

    Footwear: All schools: Shoelaces must be the same color as shoes; stockings must be in solid uniform colors. Girls may wear tights or pantyhose in a solid uniform color or skin tone color; belts must be black no suspenders.
    K-5 schools: Solid black, brown or white shoes; students may wear gym shoes to class only if they are solid colored (in a color permitted for shoes) and do not have conspicuous logos or labels.
    Middle and High schools: Solid black or white may only be worn at gym. Athletic type shoes (including K-Swiss) may not be worn to class.
    Style Rules: Permitted tops include blouses or shirts with collar, polo-style shirts with collar, or turtleneck shirts. All tops must have short or long sleeves. A solid =0 color sweater in uniform colors, or for NCCHS boys, a solid-colored black or dark blue vest may be worn over the shirt. Permitted bottoms include slacks or walking shorts for boys, and slacks, skirts, jumpers, culottes or walking shorts for girls. All bottoms must fit properly at the waist and reach at least to the top of the knee.

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