D187 needs talented teachers to join our team of equity and mission-driven professionals to ensure our students get the education they deserve.

    We are looking for candidates who will:

    • Believe in the potential for every student to succeed
    • Value and relate to each student as an individual, with a unique background and set of experiences, to better meet their academic and social-emotional needs
    • Operate with a lens of cultural proficiency, sensitivity, and equity and value and integrate different perspectives in the classroom environment
    • Create a positive learning environment that supports academic and social-emotional growth
    • Collaborate respectfully and effectively with students, families, and colleagues
    • Reflect on your own strengths and growth areas and be eager to try new strategies
    • Innovate and problem-solve to ensure the best outcomes for students

    For a more detailed description of who we’re looking for and how to apply, please click here

    Here’s How…

    • Step 1 – Application
      • Our application is designed to help us better understand your background, experiences, and results around helping students achieve.
      • We ask for two essays so we can get to know you.
    • Step 2 – Introductory Interview
      • After our team reviews your application, we will schedule an introductory interview for promising candidates.
    • Step 3 – School-based interview
      • If a D187 principal sees a strong fit, you will be called in for a school-based interview.
      • These interviews are performance-driven and customized at the school site and are designed to help us understand how you make decisions on behalf of students, what you know, and how you teach.

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    Contact Us

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