Hundreds Honor 3A IHSA 2nd Place Champions

    -North Chicago On Sunday March 18, hundreds came out to celebrate in honor of North Chicago High School’s basketball team’s second place finish in the Class 3A state tournament.

    The team arrived after the long bus ride from Peoria to find a crowd bursting with excitement to welcome them. The high school hosted pep rally was fun from start to finish.

    From the time the team stepped off the bus with their trophy to the last speech it was clear that the community was swelling with pride. The afternoon was filled with a jubilant crowd and press snapping pictures as well as the team mascot and a throng of people cheering along with the effervescent cheerleaders.

    Athletic Director Brian Colbert emceed the joyful afternoon that included congratulatory speeches from State Senator Terry Link, Mayor Leon Rockingham, Jr., Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools Roycelee Woods and others who commended the boys on their exemplary behavior while in Peoria. Principal Eric Gallagher thanked the cheer leading squad for their support and gave the squad a medal that the team received in Peoria.

    The community embraced the team with pride and a fun afternoon was had by all.

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