New Staff Training For Professional Learning Community

    North Chicago – On Dec. 6th,  North Chicago District 187 began a new training model for 75 staff members from all schools. The new training will increase the capacity of teachers within the district to function in teams at a high level with a focus on student learning.

    The new model will create a culture within the district where teams of teachers work together to plan, instruct and assess students together. Working as a team staff will maximize learning for all students. They will also be able to determine the best way to support struggling learners with extra time and accelerate those learners who have demonstrated they already know the material.

    Dr. Tom Many, co-author of The Collaborative Teacher  among other titles will oversee and facilitate the training.  As a former school superintendent, Dr. Many is an expert in building professional learning communities or PLC’s as they are known.

    When asked, “What is a professional learning community?” Tim Miller,  Assistant Superintendent Of Teaching And Learning said, “ It is a highly collaborative group of people working interdependently toward a goal of high levels of learning for all students.”

    Over the next 2 years  North Chicago District 187 will continue to work on becoming proficient in this exciting new program. As 1 of only 3 districts in the entire country who have the opportunity to be part of this training, the teams of teachers will learn how to impact instruction and student learning in all of the schools in the district.

    Over the next several months the district will complete this year’s staff training. Next year, the principals and a variety of teaching and support staff will complete the program.

    The teaching teams will become the guiding coalition for their fellow staff members allowing for  consistent and highly intentional practices. These new practices will support every student throughout the district.

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