Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

    What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a process we are using at AJK to create a school-environment that is more predictable and effective for achieving academic and social goals.  Through PBIS, we are aiming to maintain a social culture that is highly conducive to learning.  In addition, we strive to maintain a safe environment where students achieve academically, and build positive relationships with each other and adults.

    How Does It Work?

    We have 3 school-wide expectations: The 3 B’s


    At AJK, we teach students expected behaviors using behavioral lesson plans also known as “cool tools”.  We remind students to use those behaviors, and we regularly acknowledge expected behaviors being demonstrated.  Students earn rewards through our Katz Kash program when they demonstrate appropriate behaviors.

    How Can Parents Help Support PBIS?

    Family involvement in a child’s education increases your child’s likelihood of success. Your help with our behavior system is very important. We ask that you support our staff in the following ways:

    •  Please remind your child of the school’s behavior expectations each day before he/she leaves
    for school:




    •  Ask your child to give examples of how he/she demonstrated expectations while at school.

    •  Reward your child for following expectations while at school.

    •  Help your child BE HERE and BE READY, by helping him/her wake up for school and arrive
    on time. Help your child start the day off right …be on time.

    •  At AJK, we aim to be consistent and fair; if your child has earned a consequence please support the decision. Do all you can to have your child accept the consequence.

    • Attend our monthly PBIS Award Assemblies.  (Check the AJK Parent/Guardian Calendar for that month’s date and time)

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