District 187 has the same demographics and issues as a large, urban district but offers teachers a unique opportunity to really make a difference and get things done because of our small size. We’re creating a work culture where staff input and access to decision
    makers – including the superintendent – is valued.


    “Our student population is the same as a large
    urban district but we’re small so we receive so much
    more support. We have instructional coaches and we meet every week with a specialist to help us implement our new curricula. We’re very close-knit but you
    definitely get to put your own personality into your teaching. It’s not cookie cutter.”

    – Sonja Allen, 5th Grade Teacher,
    AJ Katzenmaier Academy


    • Leveraging community partnerships
    • Providing resource-rich schools and classrooms
    • Surrounding people with support
    • Genuine voice
    • Growth opportunities
    • Innovation and creativity