We’re looking for teachers who are committed to doing whatever it takes to address racial inequities and working to end the predictability of race in
    achievement – every day, with every student.


    “I wanted to serve a demographic that reflects who I am and when I looked at the demographics here, I thought I would really be able to connect with the kids. My colleagues offer me so much support, we push each other and try new things. But the kids are the best part about working here, I love my kids. They look up to you and they expect you to look out for them as well. My kids are capable of doing so much.”  

    – Urid Pacillas, Social Studies Teacher,
    North Chicago Community High School


    • High expectations for all students
    • Multiculturalism
    • Addressing racial inequities
    • Diversifying our workforce
    • Cultural competence
    • Ending predictability of race in achievement